The 3 Best Ways to Reduce Costs with Smart Home Technology

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Many of us love smart home technologies because they simplify life and help provide added safety and security. But smart home technology can do much more than close the garage door or lock your doors remotely. It can also reduce energy costs and save money! With the cost of energy increasing (along with everything else), that is a huge benefit today. Here are the top ways to use smart technology to save money.

Smart Thermostats

Probably the most popularly use smart home technology to save money is the smart thermostat. Controlling indoor climate using a smart thermostat is easy and can add significant savings. Nearly half of a home’s energy costs are related to the HVAC system. Much of it is wasted in inefficiencies such as cooling rooms not in use, running while the home is not occupied, or cooling or heating beyond comfort levels. Using a smart thermostat, you help your system run more efficiently (which helps extend the life of your unit) and reduce costs with features like automated temperature control, zoning, and remote access. Many studies report the average household can save 10-12% on heating and 15% on cooling costs. 

Smart Lighting

Lighting is another area of the home that sucks up hard-earned money. Fortunately, there is a smart home technology solution for that. Instead of chasing the kids around to make sure they turn off the lights when they leave a room, use smart lighting. Smart lighting allows you to turn off the lights remotely, set schedules, have motion-activated lighting, use dimmers, and more. A smart lighting system can save the average household as much as 7-27% in lighting costs. 

Smart Outlets

Many things in the home are plugged in and drain energy continuously. Smart outlets and smart power strips incorporate “non-smart” electrical devices—like lamps, radios, and more—into the smart home network, making it easy to power down what is not in use. This tech can save households an average of 50 percent on their plugged-in energy needs.


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