Spring-Cleaning Tips for Improved Home Security

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Spring-Cleaning Tips for Improved Home Security

Spring-cleaning is on many people’s to-do list this time of year. If you have an alarm system, spring-cleaning goes beyond deep cleaning and decluttering, it should also involve security system maintenance. Here are some indoor and outdoor spring-cleaning tips to add to your list for better home security.


Indoor Home Security Checklist

  • When cleaning your windows inspect all the locks. If any locks seem loose, tighten, or replace them. Test all your windows that have sensors on them to make sure they are still communicating to your alarm system as well.
  • With a dry soft cloth, be sure to wipe down your security system equipment including indoor security cameras. Too much dust and debris can interfere with how your equipment functions.
  • Test all smoke detectors by pressing and holding the test button. After a few seconds, you should hear a loud alarm sound.

Outdoor Home Security Checklist

  • Check your exterior lights for burnt-out lightbulbs. Consider adding smart lights that can be scheduled for added security.
  • Look at all outdoor security cameras to make sure they are clear of bugs and dust. Clean all camera lenses with a soft clean cloth and tighten all mounts.
  • Maintain your home’s landscaping. This includes trimming back bushes to eliminate potential hiding spots for burglars.
  • Make sure the address numbers for your home are properly positioned and freshly painted on your curb and/or the front of your house. This ensures both are visible for first responders in case of an emergency.


With a properly maintained alarm system from ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, you can be at ease knowing your home is protected. If you are interested in installing a residential security system, contact us to schedule a free consultation.