Smart Business Solutions: Unraveling the Challenges of Multiple Locations

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ABC New orleans smart business solution for multiple locations

The good news: Your business is really taking off. You now have more than one location, hired a number of employees, and see even more expansion on the horizon. But now the not-as-good news: handling security across all your locations is a stressful and time-consuming task that takes your time and energy away from the things that really matter. What you need is an easier way to manage the security, access control, and climate control of all your locations in one place.

Smart Business Solutions

A smart business solution is much like a home automation system only designed specifically for business. Smart Business Solutions enable business owners the ability to monitor and control their security and operations through a single, mobile-friendly dashboard. With just a few clicks, a business owner or manager can arm their alarm system, view live-streaming video, manage employee access, regulate their business’s energy use and so much more.

No one can be in two locations at once. How about 4? This is where ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm can help. With security solutions powered by, we can help businesses install, manage, and monitor their security, access control, and even thermostats across multiple locations remotely, right from their connected smart device.

Productivity Boost

Not having to drive around to multiple locations to check on each individually can save hours and hours of time. Regardless of the distance between your locations, with smart security solutions powered by, you can check on all of your sites on one screen and one dashboard. It’s a breeze.

Components of a Smart Business Solution System

A smart business solution is a state-of-the-art automation system, custom designed and built for a business and each of its locations. Although components vary depending on the specific needs of each business, here are some examples of the most typical components and the benefits of each.

Security – With smart business solutions you can arm or disarm your security system from anywhere with an internet connection. You’ll receive alerts if an alarm is triggered, for example, if a window is broken or someone tries to access a secured door too many times. You can also access live video feeds and watch pre-recorded security video. All your business location’s security is right in the palm of your hand.

Access Control – With remote access control, you’ll be able to see who’s entered each of your business locations. This gives you the power to let people in if they are new employee, a service worker like a cleaner or repair technician, or if an employee gets locked out. You have complete access to each of your business locations all from one dashboard. You also get a complete record of everyone who has entered the premises and what time they arrived.

Video Surveillance – View live video feeds from every camera in each location. Check on security after hours, or on operations during the work day. You can even compare and contrast various locations at the same time and see how different locations operate at the same time. This also helps to streamline operations and see video feeds from multiple locations and multiple cameras all on the same dashboard.

Smart Thermostats – With smart security solutions you can easily manage the climate controls at each of your locations. This gives you complete control over the heating and cooling of each location of your business. It helps to know that you’re not paying to heat or cool a building when it’s unoccupied, enabling you to bring energy costs down at each location.

Smart Lights – Smart lights enable a business owner to save energy and keep utility costs down. By automatically programming their business’s lights to turn on and off whenever the alarm system is armed, on a set schedule, or even when employees walk through the door.

Smart Security Solutions for Multiple Business Locations

Take control of your growing business empire with a comprehensive and efficient solution powered by Monitor and safeguard your business security and operations across multiple locations with ease. By installing a smart business solution at each of your business locations, you’ll have the power to view surveillance camera feeds, remotely control access, change climate controls, and more. Streamline your security and save money all well taking control of your business operations

Call ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm today to find out how we can help integrate all your business security and streamline your locations. ABC is a locally owned and operated Louisiana-based security company. We’ve been in business in the New Orleans area for 30-plus years. Call us today for a free security consultation, and we can go through your options for installing a system for your business. Call ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm today at 504-889-979