Security Cameras, Smart Home Systems and Video Analytic Technology

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ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm offers the latest technologies in home security systems, smart home systems and security cameras.  Our Video Analytics has become very popular with our clients because of its ability to deliver customized video alerts that are “smarter” than ever before.

Video Analytics technology is built-in to our security cameras.  This technology scans your property continuously and notifies you when it detects a vehicle, person or animal.  Our smart home systems and security cameras technician will enhance your perimeter security by configuring virtual tripwires and activity zones which allow you to see what is going on at your home.

Video Analytics can be customized to your preferences so you receive video alerts only on what you want to be notified.  For instance, maybe you want to receive an alert when a person enters your yard, but not when an animal crosses the perimeter.  Or, maybe you want to receive an alert when your cat jumps on your countertop, but not when she is simply walking around the room.  Video Analytics and smart home systems make what once seemed impossible possible!

Contact ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm to learn more about how Video Analytics can enhance the security and safety of your home.  We are the preferred, locally owned and operated provider of commercial and home security systems, security camera and smart home systems in New Orleans, Metairie and surrounding areas.