Smart Home Systems – Experienced Installation Matters!


smart home systems

When it comes to smart home systems, experience does matter.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm prides ourselves on our expertise.  We are detail-oriented and customize our smart home systems to fit the unique needs of each client.  Let’s take a look at some of the aspects we take into consideration when configuring our smart home systems:


Smart home systems are equipped with numerous features.  Expert installation is important to ensure that each feature is properly configured and operating as it should.  When installing smart home systems, we take everything into consideration – from the residential security system and security cameras to the thermostat and locks – to ensure seamless integration.

Camera Placement

Placement of all cameras, including outdoor security cameras, is important.  Not only do we ensure you have optimal coverage but we customize your system to meet your specific needs. For instance, if you employ a babysitter, you may want to consider a camera in the nursery.  Or, if you have pets, perhaps placing security cameras near pet doors is something you feel is important.


Our experts install and configure sensors based on your specific needs.  Perhaps you want to be alerted each time someone enters the master bedroom.  Or, maybe you want to know when your home reaches a certain temperature.  We can also show you how to configure your door locks, lights and other components of our smart home systems.  The sky’s the limit!

If you live in New Orleans, Metairie or any of the surrounding areas, the experts at ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm will design and configure the perfect smart home system for you and your family.  Give us a call today!