Securing Your Home for Hurricane Season

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Hurricane season is just around the corner.  Now is the time to make sure your home is protected.  Whether you plan to stay or evacuate when a storm threatens, ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm can prepare your home for the upcoming storm season.

If you plan to stay when a storm threatens, keeping your family safe and alerted when a potential intrusion or fire occurs is important.  Our wireless house alarm security systems connect to our alarm monitoring center via a cellular communicator and are not dependent on phone lines or internet access.

If you decide to evacuate, our advanced smart home systems allow you to check on your home from your smartphone or tablet while you are away. This can be invaluable, especially if you are unable to get back home for an extended period of time.

Below are some key features we offer with new security systems as well as upgrades you may want to consider adding to your existing system to ensure you are prepared in case a storm hits.

Professional Monitoring

We offer professional, affordable  alarm monitoring for security systems we install.  Have an existing system?  No problem.  We can take over alarm monitoring and even upgrade or add to your existing hardware.  A wireless house alarm is recommended for hurricane prone areas because monitoring is not dependent on a standard phone line or Internet connection. As long as there is still a cellular connection, if a fire or intrusion is detected, we can alert you and the appropriate authorities right away.

Real-Time Access and Alerts

Our advanced smart home systems allow users access and control through a smartphone/tablet application (app).  You can customize alerts to let you know what is happening in your home even when your system is not armed.  We have seen a sharp increase in homeowners wanting to install indoor and outdoor security cameras. Our indoor and outdoor security cameras send you real time notifications when they detect a vehicle, animal or person.

Give ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm a call to schedule an evaluation of your home.  If you own a business, our business security systems offer the same convenience, security and features as our smart home systems.  Whether you need to secure your home, business or both, we’re happy to provide you with a free quote.