Benefits of Smart Home Automation (part 1)


smart home automation

Smart home automation is trending as more and more homeowners discover the benefits of this forward-thinking technology.  ABC Fire & Burglar specializes in smart home automation systems, offering the most advanced, user-friendly options on the market.  Our smart home systems feature both security and home control in one convenient package so there is no need to operate your lights with one smartphone app and arm your security system with another.   Let’s take a look at some benefits of our smart home automation systems.

It’s easy and fun to use

The thought of incorporating a smart home automation system can be intimidating.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm understands this which is why we install state-of-the-art, user friendly smart home systems manufactured by 2GIG technologies.  Each smart home automation system features a user-friendly touch screen control panel with wireless security and two-way voice communication options.  The control panel and interactive app can control the entire security system including indoor and outdoor security cameras as well as your lights, door locks, small appliances, thermostat and more.

Remote access

Curious to know what your pets do when you are not home?  Wonder what the babysitter does after you leave your home?  Need to keep an eye on your teenagers while you are away on business? Remote access to your smart home automation system via the smartphone/tablet app makes accessing your indoor and outdoor security cameras quick and easy.

Part two will take a look at additional features and benefits of smart home systems, including real-time alerts and notification and remote control of key home controls.  ABC Fire & Burglar  also customizes smart business security systems to fit the needs of any company.  Contact us for a free quote today!