Protect Your Small Business During Holiday Shopping

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Protect Your Small Business During Holiday Shopping

As the busiest time of year for retail shopping arrives, small business owners need to prepare and protect their business for the influx of traffic. Does your commercial security system cover every aspect of your retail store? If not, you could be vulnerable to theft during what should be a profitable time. Check out some of the commercial security solutions ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm offers that will help protect your small business this holiday season.

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm systems are always great for keeping your retail store monitored. With our interactive app, you can receive notifications that alert you of activity at your business.  We also offer “panic buttons” that instantly and silently alert authorities when an employee is in distress.

Security Cameras

Having multiple high-quality commercial security cameras professionally installed at your retail store will allow for a broader range of coverage of shoppers and potential shoplifters. With HD and 4K options, you can have better quality footage in the event of a crime to help authorities identify the suspect. Security cameras are also great for keeping an eye on employees to ensure they are keeping up with their duties.

Keyless Entry

A professionally installed smart lock and monitored keyless entry system for your business increases security, reduces risks of theft, and makes it easier to track employees. It also keeps confidential, sensitive, and valuable materials protected. Whether there are employee-only areas that require restricted access or areas that only managers should have access to, keyless entry is a great solution.


ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm offers alarm monitoring, security cameras, and keyless entry systems for small and medium-sized businesses in the greater New Orleans area with over 20 years of experience in commercial security systems. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your business.