Benefits of Keyless Entry for Your Business


Benefits of Keyless Entry for Your Business

Benefits of Keyless Entry for Your Business

When you are a business owner you are responsible for the security and safety of every employee, asset, and patron of your commercial space. Commercial security includes keeping track of your employees’ arrival and departure times, granting and/or removing permission access as needed, making sure all doors are locked and secured when your business is closed, and ensuring you are protected against unexpected criminal activity. With keyless entry smart locks from ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, you can easily track and manage access to your business whenever and wherever.

Increased Security

Commercial security systems with keyless entry make access control easier for business owners and improve the security of their property. A professionally installed smart lock and monitored keyless entry system for your business increases security, reduces risks of theft, makes it easier to track employees. It also keeps confidential, sensitive, and valuable materials protected.

Custom Access

With a keyless entry security system, business owners can have complete control over who has access to their business and even specific areas of the property. For example, employees can be given unique user codes for smart locks that allow them to have access to their department or a designated storage area. These individual user codes can also have set timed access to ensure your employees can only access the property when you want them to.

No More Key Copies

Giving employees copies of keys can compromise the security of your business, as keys can get lost, stolen, and are unable to be recovered without physically collecting the key or changing the locks. With a smart lock, business owners can issue or revoke access to their property quickly and easily from their smartphone, computer, or tablet.


ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm offers keyless entry systems for small and medium-sized businesses in the greater New Orleans area with over 20 years of experience in commercial security systems. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for your business.