2GIG-GC2 Home Security product overview

ABC Fire and Burglary Alarm has established itself as a reputable and effective business, long-trusted in the New Orleans area. Strong measures are taken to ensure the accuracy, efficiency, and reliability of our services, and it is a responsibility we do not take lightly. Learn more about the product overview and meet the 2GIG-GC2.

The Brains of the Operation 

Our primary interface unit features a multi-tiered system designed to provide enhanced protection. Implemented primarily are optional safeguards against burglary, fire, and emergency. Wireless motion, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors (wireless panic buttons and keypads are also available) and the alarm system siren is managed via a color touchscreen control panel. 

The Art of Monitoring

The wireless motion sensors make 24/7 monitoring possible, covering the perimeter and interior, and serving as invisible burglary protection that triggers an alert the moment the stillness is disturbed. The monitored zones and system status are always visible on the touchscreen of the control panel. Installation may also include an automatic alarm and status report generator that sends the info to a centralized location where audio speaker communication is possible between the client and an operator who monitors the alarm. 

Comprehensive Control

This system was designed to include an array of special features, some of them optional. Our certified installers will know exactly which functions are available in any specific area.

  • Stay / Arm modes  – the former arms the system perimeter only and is used typically at night when the premises are occupied. The latter, “Away” mode,  arms the system perimeter and interior and is used when the premises are unoccupied.
  • 60 user-unique 4-digit codes operate the system. They include one (1) master code used to assign and maintain the other user codes.
  • An anonymous duress code can be entered inconspicuously to send a silent alarm to the Central Station where a call for help is immediately activated. 
  • Control Panel-sourced auto keywords assigned to namesake sensors (ex. “front door” or “bedroom window” (feature optional).
  • Home automation of appliances managed by the Z-Wave (included) remote controller (feature optional).
  • Login-enabled detailed alarm history and system event log allow access to all recorded events, viewable on the Control Panel or remotely by the Central Station.
  • A real-time clock and calendar featured on the system display timestamps incidents of note in the event log.
  • Post-alarm live communication provides instant briefing from an operator by connecting you to a Central Station immediately upon an alarm triggering.
  • Online remote control capability via phone or another device.
  • Panic, Fire, and Emergency 24-hour emergency function buttons (each optional) accessed from the Control Panel, using the wireless keypad or a portable pendant device like the remote panic button.
  • Stay tuned as we work to include the kitchen sink! 

…and know that our goal is to make security one less worry for our clients!

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