Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season

residential security system

Part One

Hurricane season comes like clockwork every year.  It is important to make sure you and your family are prepared before a storm threatens.  One way to ensure the safety of your family and belongings is by installing a residential security system.  Security systems not only deter criminals, but your alarm monitoring company will send help should an issue arise. Whether you stay in your home or evacuate, a residential security system with smart home automation can provide you with peace of mind.

Let’s take a look at some other ways you can start preparing for hurricane season:

Prepare Your Disaster Supply Kit

You should always have a disaster supply kit on hand, especially during hurricane season.  Be sure to include items such as first aid supplies, food, water, blankets, batteries, flashlights and anything else you may need for you and your family to get by for five to seven days.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Tree branches and bushes can cause significant damage during high winds. Be sure to trim them so they are away from your home and off of your roof.

Check Your Smoke Detectors

If you have smoke detectors installed as part of your residential security system, you should test them at least once a month. When a big storm threatens, it is a good idea to test them again before the storm hits. This is especially important because your smoke detectors not only notify you if smoke is detected, but also alert your alarm monitoring provider.

Part two will cover three more tips to help you prepare for hurricane season.

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