Pirates In Plain Sight: How to Stop Disappearing Deliveries

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A delivery is scheduled to arrive when you’re away from home. You get home only to find there’s nothing on your step. You check with your carrier only to be informed that your package was delivered. This is when it hits you: You’ve been plundered by porch pirates, and you don’t even know until it’s too late. Having a package disappear from your property feels awful. It’s violating and disappointing.

But there are ways to protect yourself and your deliveries from these pesky pirates. A home protection system can strongly deter thieves and can provide a record of everything that happens on your front porch.

Pirate Proof

In this era of online shopping and doorstep deliveries, an unfortunate number of packages are stolen. This has become a pressing concern for homeowners. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Because with the power of modern technology, you can now better fortify your home and outsmart thieves. This helps ensure your packages arrive safely and securely. In this newsletter, we’ll explore a home security system’s valuable role in combating porch piracy and share some tips to protect your deliveries.

Components to Protect Your Home

A comprehensive security system has several vital components to deter porch pirates and protect our packages effectively. It’s not one component, such as a single video doorbell, but a series of devices and personnel working in unison to protect and watch over your property. A system composed of cameras, sensors, posted signs,


A doorbell camera is helpful, but more coverage is almost always needed depending on the home’s specific needs and situation. To see not only who is directly at the door but who approaches the property and even the area in front and around the property. Porch pirates usually grab a package, runoff, or get into a waiting car. With more coverage, you are more likely to deter or catch a license plate or criminal’s face for law enforcement. Having a two-way audio feature adds an additional layer of security by enabling homeowners to take swift action, alert authorities if necessary, and potentially prevent crimes or damage before they occur.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors also play a crucial role in deterring porch pirates and enhancing the security of your packages. By placing motion sensors around your home’s porch or entryway, any movement can trigger an alarm or activate the surveillance camera. This immediate response will not only startle potential thieves but also alert homeowners, neighbors, or security personnel to the presence of unauthorized individuals.

Remote Monitoring

A security system with 24/7 remote monitoring is vital in deterring these thieves and protecting your property and packages. You can rest easy knowing your security system is monitored around the clock. This provides an added layer of security, with trained security personnel actively monitoring video feeds, who can promptly identify suspicious activity and take immediate action if necessary. Just the presence of professional monitoring acts as a solid deterrent for porch pirates, as they know their activities are being closely watched. Additionally, the monitoring team can quickly alert homeowners and authorities or dispatch security personnel to the scene in the event of a theft. This proactive approach significantly increases the chances of preventing or resolving porch piracy incidents, reinforcing the overall security of our homes and fostering a sense of safety within our communities.


It is vital to post signs announcing that you have a security system installed and that the property’s being monitored. But also, it’s crucial that you have an actual system to back up those signs. Just having a sign doesn’t give you any real protection. Thieves will catch on fast, that you have no bite to your bark.

Video Analytics

A security system with advanced video analytics brings added safety to your home. ABC offers powerful analytics powered by Alarm.com that gives your system the power to analyze video feeds in real-time and detect and identify potential threats or suspicious activities with precision. This means that you don’t have to monitor your system manually. This significantly reduces false alarms and provides reliable and accurate notifications when it matters most.

Fortify Your Residence with Home Protection System

Make your home less vulnerable to porch pirates, ensuring a safer and worry-free environment for you and your loved ones. By installing a professional and reliable home security system, you’ll actively deter theft, be able to monitor your property remotely and receive instant notifications of any suspicious activity. With the combination of surveillance cameras, signs, and advanced video analytics, you can enjoy better peace of mind knowing that your packages and belongings are more secure from thieves. And with ABC’s licensed, UL listed, Five Diamond certified central monitoring station, your home is safer, and your packages are more likely to get to you safely. Stay vigilant, stay protected.

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