Pets and False Alarms

Pets and False Alarms 1

Part Two

We are continuing our series on home alarm system strategies pet owners can use to help avoid false alarms.  Pets can trigger motion sensors.  When a motion sensor is triggered, your security system monitoring team will be alerted.  If you do not answer the call and/or you are unsure as to what triggered the motion sensor, then the security system monitoring team will send the police to your residence.

Fortunately, advances in alarm systems afford us the opportunity to customize your residential security system to meet your specific needs.  For instance, our previous article discussed that in homes with pets, our home alarm system technicians will often install the motion detectors higher than five feet to help avoid a false alarm caused by a pet.

Below are some additional residential alarm system strategies to consider when you have pets.

Avoid Placing Sensors in Locations Where Your Pet Frequents

If your pet frequents a certain area of your home, then it is a good practice to avoid placing motion detectors in that area.  When installing your residential security system, our home alarm system technician will evaluate your pets, inquire about their habits, and make a recommendation of the best places and access points for your motion detectors. Our goal is to avoid false alarms that trigger the security system monitoring team.

Do Not Point Sensors at Windows or Mirrors

Any movement can trigger motion detectors.  When we install your residential alarm system, we take windows, mirrors and reflections into consideration in an effort to help avoid false alarms.  We sometimes even point home alarm system motion detectors upwards in homes with pets because it increases the chance of detecting human movements vs. pets.

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