Avoiding False Alarms Caused by Pets

Residential Security System

Part One

A home alarm system is designed to protect everyone, including your furry family members.  However, this can cause issues with residential security system motion detectors.  Our security system monitoring team has responded to numerous false alarms that were caused by a pet setting off a motion detector. Let’s take a look at a few strategies you can use to ensure your residential security system does not experience false alarms due to your pet(s).

Install Motion Sensors Higher Than Five Feet

Most adults are at least five feet tall.  It is a best practice to install your home alarm system motion detectors to detect movement at five feet or higher when you have pets in the house.  This will allow you to leave your pets home when you are away and not have to worry about receiving a call from our security system monitoring team due to a false alarm. The residential security system technicians at ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm have experience with pets and motion detectors and can install and test them to help avoid false alarms.

Consider Pet Barriers

If you have an area you wish to secure with motion detectors, then consider placing barriers to keep your pet from accessing that area while you are away.

Our next article will cover two additional strategies you can use to help prevent pets from tripping your home alarm system. The beauty of security systems is that they can be configured to meet your specific needs. We can also set-up and configure indoor and outdoor security cameras, security system monitoring and smart home automation for maximum protection.

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