Why Should I Invest in a Home Alarm System?

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Home Alarm System

Whether you are building a new home or have an existing structure, a home alarm system is becoming more of a necessity. What makes the home alarm system of today different from previous alarm systems is smart home automation technology.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should consider investing in a home alarm system:

Residential Security System Monitoring

As one of the area’s most trusted fire and burglar alarm companies, we always recommend alarm monitoring.  This service offers added peace of mind in the event of a fire or burglary.  When smoke is detected or a zone is breached, our burglar and fire alarm monitoring company will contact you and send the proper authorities. Read more about the benefits of alarm monitoring.

Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation allows you to control certain components of your home such as garage doors, locks, lights, thermostat, home alarm system and security cameras.  A smartphone app gives you the ability to monitor your home from remote locations.  Depending on the features you wish to activate, you can arm and disarm your alarm system, monitor security cameras, change the thermostat, lock and unlock doors, turn lights on and off, and open and close your garage door.

Crime Deterrent

A home alarm system is a crime deterrent.  Burglars often don’t want the hassle of dealing with security cameras and alarm systems.  Placing a “Protected by ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm” sign outside of your house sends a clear message to anyone considering burglarizing your home.

Homeowners Insurance

Many homeowners insurance companies give discounts for having a home alarm system and residential security system monitoring.  Benefits vary, so be sure to check with your insurance provider.

Don’t trust just any alarm company with the safety and security of your home and family.  ABC Fire & Burglar is one of the most trusted and affordable alarm companies in New Orleans and surrounding areas. Give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation today!