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We love New Orleans. It is our home, our community, and our life. Like you, we at ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm are concerned over continued news of rising crime rates. While we know that our community is, at its core, a wonderful, vibrant, and beautiful community, we also realize that we deal with problems that are common across the country, such as theft, burglary, and violent crimes.

Today, all of us can play a role in making our community safe. One of the first steps to changing the tide is making crimes more difficult to perpetrate. 

Security Starts at Home

A home is burglarized somewhere in the US every 15 seconds, and many of these instances happen in daylight hours. Surprisingly, despite the facts and the available technologies, most homeowners do very little to protect their homes— that is, until after they are victims of a crime. 

If you want to improve your home security, here are some simple steps you can take. 

Install a Smart Home Security System

Homes with home security systems are 300% less likely to be burglarized than those without a system. 

These systems should include:

  • Control Panel– The command hub of your security system
  • Door and Window Sensors– Consists of two pieces that form an electrical current. One is placed on the door or window, and the other on the frame. When opened, it breaks a circuit that sends a message to the control panel triggering an alarm. 
  • High-decibel Alarm– A loud, externally or internally mountable siren that alerts residents or neighbors of trouble.
  • Surveillance Cameras– Wired or wireless Video Surveillance Cameras can be used indoors or outdoors and viewed remotely via an app.
  • Video Doorbells– Provide video of activity near the door and two-way communication.
  • Glass Break Sensors– set off an alarm if a window shatters.
  • Smart Locks- This can be locked and unlocked remotely.
  • Smart Lighting- Used to help simulate occupancy 
  • Professional Monitoring- Connects your home alarm system to security professionals that ensure emergency intervention. 

Install Motion Lighting Around the Property

No burglar wants to be caught, so adding motion-triggered lighting around the perimeters of the home provides additional deterrence. 

Secure Garages, Sheds, and Out Buildings

Most people forget about securing these spaces because they are less frequently used. These outer buildings and spaces are very attractive to criminals, and the ease with which they gain access can make trying to get inside the home only more attractive. 

Don’t Advertise Large Purchases

If you buy an expensive item, take the time to destroy the packaging and place it in a trash bag before placing it in the trash receptacle. Boxes for a new TV, computer, or other pricy items in the open are like a beacon for crime. 

Best Home Security New Orleans 

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