How to Choose a Commercial Security System Company

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How to Choose a Commercial Security System Company

When choosing a security system vendor for your business there are several things to consider. There are many security companies to choose from (big and small). We encourage you to do your research when vetting through commercial security companies to make sure the company you choose is the right fit for your business.  Here are some tips for choosing the right commercial security company.


Experience Matters

When searching for security system companies, you want to make sure you are partnering with a trustworthy and experienced company. See what other local businesses use their commercial security systems by looking at their website. Be sure to look beyond the company’s website and see what current customers are saying through social media and search engine reviews. Security companies should not only have years of experience in the industry but should have a reputation of providing a good customer experience as well.

Custom Consultations

Your business security needs are just as unique as your business. A standard security system package that is not tailored to your business can be a waste of money and a threat to the safety of your business.  Look for a company that offers consultations for custom security systems that meet the specific needs of your business.

Professional Installation

We know you worked hard to build your business yourself, but we suggest that you choose a professionally installed security system for your business. While companies that have DIY security systems may offer cheaper prices, it could cost you much more by leaving your business at risk. Professionally installed commercial security systems give you peace of mind that your investment in commercial security is well spent. Be sure that in addition to professional installation that the company offers service plans as well.


ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm is a local security company in the New Orleans area that offers over 20 years of experience in commercial security systems and commercial security camera systems. If you are interested in a professionally installed security system for your business, contact us to set up a free consultation.