Do Decoy Security Cameras Work?

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Do Decoy Security Cameras Work?

It is well known that the presence of a security camera can deter a burglar. You may be thinking “Do I need a whole security camera system if just the sight of one will scare them away? Can I just mount a fake security camera?”. Using decoy security cameras is an unsafe idea for several reasons. Consider these security issues before installing dummy surveillance cameras.


Not Convincing

At a glance, a decoy surveillance camera may fool someone, but determined and seasoned burglars can spot a fake camera easily. A continuous blinking light, unusual looking wires, cheap plastic, and no brand label are all giveaways that you have a dummy camera in place. Once a burglar finds out the camera is phony, your home is an easy target for theft.

Useless During Crime

If the camera does not deter an intruder and a crime does occur, the money you spent on your dummy camera was then a waste. You will have no substantial evidence to provide authorities that could help identify a suspect. Without video footage, there’s a high possibility that the crime could go unsolved.

False Sense of Security

One of the main benefits of having a real security camera system is the peace of mind it provides knowing your property is monitored. View footage of incidents or live video at any time from wherever you are. Fake security cameras offer no peace of mind and will leave you wondering if your property is truly safe and secure.


ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm security camera systems connect to your security system, so you receive video alerts whenever system activity is detected. If you are interested in installing real security cameras, contact us today to receive a free security camera system quote.