home alarm system

Part Two

Home security is more important today than ever before. If you have a home alarm system with alarm monitoring, then the police will be dispatched if someone tries to enter your home while the system is armed. Part one of our series discussed some ways you can make your home less desirable to potential criminals. We will continue that series with some additional home safety tips to consider.

Don’t Leave a Spare Key

Many people hide a spare key in a place outside their home such as under a mat or inside a planter box.  Criminals are savvy so if you do this, you may be making it easy for them to find the key and gain access to your home. A smart home automation system with smart locks alleviate the need for “spare” keys.  Not only can you lock and unlock your home using the smarthome app, but you can also set up limited access codes for overnight guests, neighbors, etc.  No need to hide an extra key!

Keep Your Garage Door Closed

Not only should you close your garage door when you leave your home, but you should keep it closed while you are at home.  An open garage door is an invitation for an unwanted guest to test their limits.  Smart home automation can be set up to allow you to open and close your garage door via a smartphone app. Outdoor security cameras can monitor activity around your property.

Don’t Let Newspapers or Mail Pile Up

Be sure to either stop delivery of your newspapers and mail while you are away, or, have a trusted friend or neighbor pick them up for you.  Stuffed mailboxes and piles of papers are a tell-tale sign that someone is not home.  Granted, your home alarm system will be set off if there is a breach and the alarm monitoring center will send the police but preventing something from happening in the first place can save a lot of headaches.

Even homeowners that follow the best safety tips can become victims of crime.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm has more than two decades of experience advising residents on the best ways to protect their homes and families.  A simple home alarm system with alarm monitoring can be upgraded to a smart home automation system equipped with indoor and outdoor security cameras and other bells and whistles that will not only keep your family safe, but literally transform the way you perform tasks such as lock the doors, turn on lights and appliances, etc.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm serves customers in New Orleans, Metairie, Slidell, Covington, Houma and surrounding areas.  Give us a call to schedule your complimentary home security consultation today!