What to Do if Your Package is Missing or Stolen

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New Orleans is a city renowned for its rich culture, vibrant music scene, and unique cuisine. However, like any other city, it’s not exempt from the occasional issue of missing or stolen packages. Dealing with such a situation can be frustrating, but with the right steps and a calm approach, you can increase your chances of resolving the matter efficiently. Here’s what to do if your package goes missing or is stolen in New Orleans.

  1. Give It Some Time: While it’s completely understandable to be concerned about a missing package, sometimes delays can occur due to various reasons such as heavy traffic, unexpected weather conditions, or local events. Before jumping to conclusions, allow a reasonable amount of time for your package to arrive.
  2. Check with Neighbors: If your package was marked as delivered but you can’t locate it, it’s a good idea to check with your neighbors. Sometimes, delivery personnel might leave packages at the wrong address. Kindly inquire if anyone in your vicinity has received a package that matches the description.
  3. Contact the Carrier: Reach out to the carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) that was responsible for delivering your package. Provide them with the tracking number and details of the package. They might have more information about its whereabouts or the delivery status. They can also offer insights into delivery practices in your area.
  4. Reach Out to the Seller: If you’ve ordered the item online, contact the seller. They might be able to initiate an investigation with the carrier and help you track down the package. Many sellers are willing to work with customers to find a solution.
  5. File a Police Report: If you suspect your package was stolen, consider filing a police report. While the police might not prioritize such cases, having a report on file can be helpful if you need to provide documentation for insurance claims or other purposes. If you live in New Orleans and want to report the theft, you can visit NOLA.gov/NOPD.
  6. Install Security Measures: To prevent future incidents, consider installing security cameras around your property. Visible cameras can deter thieves, and if an incident does occur, you might capture valuable footage that could aid in identifying the culprits. With today’s smart home and security technologies, you can:
    • See packages delivered and talk to the delivery person via video doorbell
    • Unlock the door so packages can be delivered inside
    • Open the garage door for garage delivery
  1. Utilize Package Lockers: Some neighborhoods and apartment complexes offer secure package lockers where deliveries can be stored until you retrieve them. Check if this option is available in your area to ensure the safety of your future deliveries.
  2. Opt for Signature Confirmation: Whenever possible, choose the option for signature confirmation upon delivery. This ensures that the package won’t be left unattended and will only be released to someone who can sign for it.
  3. Consider Package Insurance: If the missing package is valuable, you might want to explore package insurance options. Some carriers offer insurance against theft, loss, or damage during transit. Be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions before purchasing insurance.
  4. Consider Other Delivery Points: When dealing with the frustration of a missing or stolen package in New Orleans, it’s essential to remember that there are alternative delivery options beyond your home address. These options can not only provide added convenience but also contribute to enhanced security for your packages. Let’s explore how leveraging other delivery points can make a significant difference in your package delivery experience.

Local Businesses as Package Holders

Several local businesses in New Orleans offer package holding services, acting as intermediaries between you and the delivery service. This approach can be particularly useful if you’re concerned about package theft or if you’re unable to be home to receive your deliveries. 

Here are a few examples of partnerships between delivery services and local businesses:

  • FedEx and Walgreens, Grocery Stores, and Dollar General: FedEx has collaborated with various local businesses, including Walgreens, grocery stores, and Dollar General locations. These establishments serve as designated pickup points, allowing you to redirect your package deliveries to a secure location where you can collect them at your convenience.
  • Amazon and Whole Foods: Amazon has a partnership with Whole Foods, offering Amazon Hub Locker locations within the store. This allows you to have your Amazon packages delivered to a locker at the Whole Foods store, where you can retrieve them using a unique pickup code.
  • UPS Access Points: UPS has established “Access Points” at select businesses, such as CVS locations. Like other services, this allows you to reroute your UPS deliveries to a nearby business, reducing the risk of theft or missed deliveries.

In a city as lively as New Orleans, occasional hiccups with package deliveries are normal. The key is to approach the situation calmly, take proactive steps such as installing a security system, and communicate with the relevant parties. By staying vigilant and considering preventive measures, you can minimize the chances of future package issues and continue enjoying the vibrant spirit of this captivating city.


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