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Commercial Alarm Systems

Most businesses wisely rely on commercial alarm systems when protecting people, assets, and profitability. Having the right mix of CCTV, access control, intrusion alarms, fire alarms, and other security devices is essential in thwarting events like theft and fraud. 

However, having a commercial alarm system is not enough, no matter how advanced. Many security events happen because of New Orleans businesses’ common and avoidable mistakes. 

Here are the top security mistakes businesses make that every business should avoid.

Taking a One-size Fits-All Approach to Commercial Alarms

Every business is different and has a unique combination of risks. Security technologies are comprised of many types of devices and many options within each category of devices. While all businesses benefit from video surveillance, for example, a customized system ensures that the business is equipped with the right type and number of cameras specific to the need. 

Piling On Unnecessary Technologies

It is possible to have so many security systems that they become unmanageable. When a business has a multitude of security systems, they often overlap. Instead of creating increased security, it creates security gaps because everyone assumes the other system handles a particular security aspect. 

Focusing Only on the Front Door

Most organizations imagine that most threats enter through the front door and focus most of their security efforts there. Unfortunately, crime can happen anywhere, including storage rooms, loading docks, and more. 

Not Considering Internal Threats

Not all security risks come from the outside. A global study of retail theft found that employees who steal from retailers average $1,890.00 in theft, while the average shoplifter will only take about $438. That’s pretty shocking. 

Not Understanding Commercial Alarm Systems

Many businesses have commercial alarm systems but do not know how to use the technologies properly or to their full extent. This means that they are not getting a full return on their investment, and their property is not protected to the full extent of the technology capabilities. 

No Access Control

Most businesses have areas that should be protected, such as offices, storage rooms, data rooms, employee-only areas, or areas requiring special levels of training or protective gear to enter. By not using access control, companies increase their liabilities more. 

Not Upgrading Security Technologies 

Security technologies advance quickly. If the system is five or more years old, chances are there are newer technologies in place that provide more functionality. Additionally, the older the system, the more vulnerable it becomes as criminals learn to circumvent it. 

Relying on DIY Security

While it may seem cost-effective, relying on DIY security for commercial alarm systems is a bad idea. A commercial business has many risks, and without the proper technologies and professional installation, your business becomes vulnerable. 

If you own a business, talk to a security professional about your security goals. A local security system provider can be the difference in avoiding the devastating consequences of crime. 

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