Considerations When Selecting Security Cameras for Your Business


Business Security Systems

Part Two

Business security systems equipped with quality, strategically placed indoor and outdoor security cameras provide maximum protection for your business. Unfortunately, many companies that install alarm systems do not have experience with security cameras.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm has more than two decades of experience installing business security systems throughout New Orleans and surrounding areas including Slidell, Metairie, Covington and Houma. We ensure the indoor and outdoor security cameras we install at your business provide you with the coverage you need.  Let’s take a look at some additional considerations when selecting security cameras for your business.

Inventory Monitoring

Security cameras are often incorporated into business security systems in an effort to monitor inventory.  Loss prevention specialists can review either live or recorded video from security cameras to identify shoplifters or detect other illicit activities that may be happening on the property.

Employee Monitoring

Some business owners want the ability to monitor their employees.  Security cameras can help confirm or clear an employee who is suspected of stealing.  If a customer has an issue with a particular employee, security cameras can record their interactions. Security cameras can also be used to protect employees from false accusations made by customers and/or co-workers.

Night Vision

If you want to be able to monitor activities in and around your building at night or want to place security cameras in dark spaces, then night vision capabilities may be necessary. This added feature is available on many models of indoor and outdoor security cameras.

When it comes to residential and business alarm systems, alarm monitoring and indoor and outdoor security cameras, ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm has you covered.  Give us a call to schedule your complimentary consultation today.