Save Energy This Summer with Smart Home Solutions

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Save Energy This Summer with Home Automation

The heat is rising, which means your energy bills are probably rising too. Home automation devices from ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm can help you with that. Our smart home automation system knows what is happening around your home and uses that knowledge to save energy when you are not using it. Learn how smart home technology can help you lower your energy usage this summer.


Thermostat Schedules

Having a schedule for your smart thermostat is a great way to combat high energy bills. With our app, you can control the temperature of your home from wherever you are. You can also set a schedule for your smart thermostat that reflects your family’s schedule making sure your home is at the target temperature you set exactly when you want it to.

Extreme Heat Awareness

In New Orleans, we know that our air conditioners are almost always running during the summer trying to keep up with the heat and humidity. When your AC works hardest on extra-hot afternoons, it makes sense to raise your home’s temperature by a few degrees. Our home automation system gives you the option to automatically adjust your thermostat when the temperature outside hits 95 degrees or higher. Since it is still far cooler inside than outside, it would not be very noticeable, especially as the temperature returns to normal when the heat of the day is over.

Smart Away

When your smart thermostat is connected to your home security system, your home’s temperature will adjust when your alarm system is set. When you arm your panel to ‘away’, it knows that your home is empty, and sets back to save money. When you arrive home and disarm your alarm, it knows to make things comfortable again.


If you are interested in a home automation system that can save you money and energy this season, contact us to schedule a visit with one of our security consultants for a free quote. ABC is a local alarm monitoring company with over 20 years in the alarm service industry.