How to Use Your Security System to Manage & Protect Your New Orleans AirBNB: A Guide For Hosts

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Blog Covers april 1.4 2022

If you own or run a New Orleans short-term rental or vacation property, you likely want to know all you can about home security alarms. New Orleans is a top destination for tourism, making short-term vacation rentals an easy side hustle. With special events like Mardi Gras, French Quarter Fest and Jazz Fest, visitors worldwide flock to the French Quarter and other local neighborhood hot spots.

Because of this, residents have discovered the financial benefits of operating a vacation rental property. Although, maintaining your vacation rental is far from a vacation.

If you intend to be an Airbnb host, setting up a home security system is one of your smartest ideas. The best systems combine safety, security, and property management. Security systems can help you prevent and detect burglaries, vandalism, and other emergencies whether the property is occupied by you, a guest, or is empty.

You never know how careless guests can turn out to be. They can forget to lock doors or windows, leave open flames or bring criminal activity into your property. Guests may not only damage property or leave a huge mess.

Benefits of Home Security Alarm Systems for AirBNBs

With the latest home security alarm system technologies paired with professional 24/7 monitoring, you can watch your income-producing property, even from far away. Whether you have multiple properties to manage or just one, here’s a short guide on features you should consider. 

Security systems can also be considered an upgrade to the property, something that could be sought after by potential guests, adding value as a luxury upgrade that puts guests at ease. You want your system to provide protection without rubbing your guests the wrong way. 

Here’s how your security and alarm system can make it easier. 

Essentials For Vacation Rental Security Systems

Professional Monitoring

Whether you live on the other side of a duplex or in another time zone, 24/7 professional monitoring is essential. If you’re not around or unavailable to handle any emergency, the monitoring station can assess any potential threats and dispatch first responders. 

Smoke Detectors

Fires can occur in houses and apartments rented out on a temporary short-term basis because guests won’t be familiar with the kitchen equipment. Even Airbnb promotes installing smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors to protect guests’ safety and encourages hosts to display the fact on the listing description. And don’t forget that if the smoke detector is part of a home security network, it can be connected directly to the homeowner and central station, so it’ll alert the authorities, the property owner, and the occupants. 

Door and Window Sensors

Sensors can effectively detect a break-in. The small devices don’t count as surveillance equipment, so they can be freely placed on any door or window. After the system is armed, moving the object they’re attached to will trigger an alarm, and a notification will be sent to your smartphone and the monitoring center. 

Smart Locks For Access Control 

Many hosts rent out their property without ever having to meet guests face-to-face. If that’s the way you’re planning on operating, smart locks will be a must. Guests can enter the property with a simple code or via a smartphone app. Passcodes can be changed quickly between guest stays, and this can be another selling point that you can add to your listing description. For your legal protection and the guests’ safety, a record of access can be kept for future reference. 

Smart Thermostat

As we all know, it gets pretty hot here in New Orleans, and visitors will live or die by way of the air conditioning. A smart thermostat gives visitors an easy way to keep things at a comfortable temperature. 

When your rental isn’t occupied, you’ll want to keep your utility expenses as low as possible, so they don’t cut into your profits. The eco-friendly technology in modern smart thermostats can prevent energy waste through automation and remote control access.  

Surveillance Cameras

Privacy for guests is taken very seriously by Airbnb and other platforms. It’s forbidden to use hidden or visible cameras to capture any interior footage. Although outdoor cameras could be put to good use keeping a watchful eye on exterior spaces. Doorbell cameras are beneficial in keeping track of who approaches or if the number of guests that arrived exceeds the agreed-upon number in the contract. 

Home Security Alarm Systems Automation & Integration 

With so many home security and alarm options, you can pick and choose features that cater to the unique needs of your vacation rental. Integration and automation are where your security system will begin to double as your property management system. With it, you can allow plumbers, electricians, housekeepers, and other support staff in without being present. 

New Orleans Fire Alarm Companies Near Me 

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