Spot A Shoplifter using ABC security system

Shoplifters are a threat to the livelihood of your retail business. It is important as a small business owner to know the signs of a shoplifter and to have commercial security policies in place to help prevent shoplifting from affecting your bottom line. Check out this list of the top ways to spot a shoplifter and security tips to protect your business against them.


If you see someone that looks unusually nervous, there is a good chance they may be up to something suspicious. Avoiding eye contact, pacing, or picking up various items they do not seem to be interested in can be considered questionable activity.

Large Groups

Keep an eye on larger groups as shoplifters often tend to work as a team. Be mindful when a large group enters your store and starts causing a disturbance as this may be a distraction tactic to steal merchandise.

Lingering or Loitering

Shoplifters may loiter inside or linger outside your store. If you notice this suspicious activity in or around your store, offer your assistance to help them find what they are looking for. If they deny your help and continue to hover, they may be planning to shoplift.

Baggy Clothing and Large Bags

If a patron is wearing a big coat during warm weather or clothing that is excessively large, they might be trying to hide merchandise. Also, pay close attention to those wearing backpacks or oversized bags.

Additional Tips to Prevent Shoplifting

  • Having your employees trained to be attentive and engaging is a great way to win over customers, but it can also be used to deter theft.
  • Install a commercial security system with sensors on all employee-only areas and the exits of your business.
  • Commercial security cameras provide a distinct visual deterrent to potential shoplifters.
  • Maintain a clean and organized store, including racks, shelves, and dressing rooms. A disorganized, messy store tells a shoplifter the employees are not paying attention.

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