Home Security Tips for Back to School Safety

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Home Security Tips for Back to School Safety

Home Security Tips for Back to School Safety

The start of a new school year is here. Parents are focusing on school supplies, uniforms, and more. Safety is especially at the top of everyone’s mind this school year. One thing parents should not overlook is having an alarm system as an afterschool safety measure. Alarm monitoring can be a great tool for working parents to monitor their children’s safety until they get home. Here are a few tips for making sure your home and children are secure:



Realtime notifications help you keep your mind at ease while your children are home alone after school. With the Alarm.com App, you can be alerted when your alarm system is armed and disarmed. You can also set up no-show alerts. These notifications send an alert when a specified user has not disarmed their security system by a set time on a set date.


User Codes

Keys are easily lost by children leading them to be locked out of the house after school. With user codes on our smart locks, your child can easily let themselves in the house without a key. Even if your child forgets their user code, you can let them in the house from wherever you are with the Alarm.com App.


Security Cameras

Want to make sure your children got home from school okay? Doorbell cameras send you an alert when someone is at your doorstep and indoor security cameras help you keep an eye on kids throughout the house. This allows you to be in the know if they bring any friends over to the house unsupervised. Also, be made aware if there is any suspicious activity around your home while you are away.


The school year is here already but it’s not too late to add a burglar alarm to give you peace of mind. If you are interested in installing a residential security system, contact us to schedule a free consultation.