Home Security Companies New Orleans | What are the Hidden Costs of DIY Security?

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Home Security Companies New Orleans

Home security technologies are advancing rapidly, and you may be weighing the costs between DIY security and the alarm systems offered by home security companies in New Orleans. On the surface, many DIY solutions seem cost-efficient and effective, but are they? We will discuss some of the differences between home security companies New Orleans and products and DIY solutions and how those differences lead to hidden costs.

DIY Home Alarm Systems are Made for the Commercial Market

DIY home security products start with a price point and then manufacturers build the technology to stay within that budget to attract the most customers. To do this, the makers have to make many choices regarding the components that make up the system to keep prices down. Because of this, the system may not have the expected quality or functionality of a professional system.

DIY Is Not the Same as Professional

Since DIY home security systems are made for the commercial market, their products are made with those considerations in mind. They must be smaller to fit on shelves and they must be lighter to save on shipping costs. 

This ultimately impacts the effectiveness and longevity of the product. For example, DIY products use lighter wires which can impact data transmission, and thinner housing materials that can make them less durable.

You May Need Additional Alarm System Products and Devices

Because of the limitations of DIY security products, you likely need more and additional products to ensure they work sufficiently. For example, most are made for small, one-level homes and include products with a narrower set of features. This means it is much more difficult for one camera to cover a larger area, or work under multiple lighting conditions. Additionally, the bigger the space, the more difficult it is for the components to function as designed, tested, and advertised. This increases the need to buy additional components to make the original components work as you intend.

Home Security Companies or DIY: What Does it Take to Be Secure?

While DIY security companies stress the ease of peel-and-stick solutions, they fail to address some pretty serious concerns. 

  1.  You can buy gumbo roux in a jar, but it doesn’t come close to what you get from scratch by someone who knows gumbo. Similarly, there is a vast difference between home security systems and the discipline of home security. DIY means anyone can do it, it does not mean anyone can get professional results.
  2. Home security companies provide professional products backed by a depth of security industry knowledge. This means they know the risks and the best tools and applications to address the risks. 
  3. You only have one chance to stop crime– and crime costs. DIY products can provide some level of security and increased awareness. But, in a real crime event, you want to know that your home alarm system is providing the highest levels of security and that you’ve done all you can do to protect your family and home. 

Before you consider diving into DIY security, understand that there are many things that may add to the initial price.

Home Security Companies New Orleans

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