Configuring Home Security Systems When You Have Pets

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Our previous article covered some ways in which smart home systems benefit pets.  We discussed how a monitored residential security system can save the life of your pets by dispatching help in the event of a burglary or fire while your pets are home alone.  We also touched on the environmental features of smart home systems and how you can receive alerts if the temperature in your home reaches an unsafe level.  Then, we talked about how home security systems equipped with cameras allow pet owners to remotely view and monitor their activities while away.

The above technology is great, but it is only effective if it is properly configured.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm is the trusted provider of home security systems, smart home systems and security cameras for New Orleans, Metairie and surrounding areas.  We are locally owned and operated and have been configuring both commercial and home security systems for more than two decades.  We understand the importance of proper configuration, especially when it comes to pets!

Motion detectors are an important component of any commercial or residential security system. There are specific areas where motion detectors need to be placed to provide security and prevent your furry friend from tripping a false alarm.  Before we install any residential security system, we evaluate your home and strategically place your motion detectors.

We can also configure smart home systems with sensors to accommodate you and the needs of your pet. For instance, perhaps you want to be alerted when your basset hound goes in and out of his doggie door.  Or, maybe you want to know if your kitty has entered the room where your finches live.  The experts at ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm can make just about anything possible!

If you have pets and would like to install or upgrade your residential security system and/or are interested in exploring smart home systems, make sure you consult a company with the experience and know-how to properly configure your system.  ABC Fire & Burglar is the premier provider for New Orleans, Metairie and surrounding areas. Give us a call today!