Benefits of Cloud-Based Commercial Security Camera Systems

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Benefits of Upgrade Cloud-Based Commercial Security Camera Systems

Benefits of Cloud-Based Commercial Security Camera Systems

Cloud-based security camera systems offer business owners a powerful tool to help improve their security measures. Business emergencies don’t typically follow schedules, which is why our smart video surveillance works around the clock to capture and store everything your commercial security cameras see. With the Commercial Stream Video Recorder (CSVR), you can capture 24/7, high-definition, continuous recordings of your business. Learn more about how the CSVR can improve your business’s security.

Continuous Recording

Our onsite Stream Video Recorder saves continuous footage from up to sixteen security cameras at any single business location. Your important clips are also stored offsite in’s secure cloud servers. This secure, dual-storage approach ensures that even in a worst-case scenario, such as a fire destroying your video equipment, you’ll still be able to quickly download the footage of what happened, and share it with the police and your insurer.

Live and Recorded Video

View live or recorded video clips from your phone to see what’s happening when you’re not there. Easily search and filter by events to find what is important to you, such as when the stock room door was opened.

Real-Time Alerts

Know that your business opened on time and that deliveries arrive as expected. Receive alarm notifications, see what caused it with real-time video, and cancel false alarms immediately from anywhere.

Reliable and Secure

Record video on-site to the Stream Video Recorder and to the cloud at the same time. Cloud storage cannot be disabled or damaged if your business experiences a fire or flood event. The SVR is bandwidth optimized so it won’t slow your internet connection.


If you are interested in a cloud-based commercial security camera system, contact us today to receive a free security camera system quote.