smart home automation

Using Your Smartphone to Control and Monitor Your Home

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Part One Simple burglar alarm products are taking a back seat to alarm systems integrated with smart home automation.  Smart home systems allow you to monitor and control your home from anywhere in the world using a smartphone app.  ABC…
Home Alarm System

Why Should I Invest in a Home Alarm System?

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Whether you are building a new home or have an existing structure, a home alarm system is becoming more of a necessity. What makes the home alarm system of today different from previous alarm systems is smart home automation technology. Let’s…
Alarm Company

Choosing the Right Alarm Company For Your Home or Business

Part Two We are continuing our series on aspects you should consider when choosing an alarm company. Our previous article discussed the importance of making sure your alarm company truly listens to and addresses your specific needs.  We…
Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring – Do I Really Need it?

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When discussing our fire and burglar alarm products with clients, we always mention alarm monitoring.  We recommend this service with every home alarm system and with commercial security systems because of the added protection it provides. …
alarm company

Considerations When Choosing an Alarm Company

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Part One The business of fire and burglar alarm products is very competitive, so much so that it is often  challenging for consumers to discern the difference between an alarm company that wants to make a quick sale and one that is truly…
business security systems

Business Safety Tips

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Part Two Our previous article discussed some safety strategies to complement your business alarm system, including incorporating keyless entry, strategically placing indoor and outdoor security cameras and ensuring all areas are properly…