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Daytime Burglaries on the Rise

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Statistics continue to indicate that daytime burglaries are on the rise. ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm is committed to the safety of the families we serve.  Many of our customers are opting for smart home automation which is integrated with…
Outdoor Security Cameras

Pets and False Alarms

Part Two We are continuing our series on home alarm system strategies pet owners can use to help avoid false alarms.  Pets can trigger motion sensors.  When a motion sensor is triggered, your security system monitoring team will be…
Residential Security System

Avoiding False Alarms Caused by Pets

Part One A home alarm system is designed to protect everyone, including your furry family members.  However, this can cause issues with residential security system motion detectors.  Our security system monitoring team has responded…
business alarm system

Alarm Systems for Multiple Business Locations

We understand the challenges business owners and managers of businesses with multiple locations face when it comes to managing the security of buildings, assets, customers and employees.  ABC Fire & Burglar Alarm works with many businesses…
business security system

Your Business Alarm System and Access Control

There are different types and configurations of commercial security systems designed to fit the needs of your business.  A business security system equipped with access control is becoming popular because of its ease of use and advanced…
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Security Systems and Home Values

The real estate market is competitive as sellers work to show why their home is better, more desirable and has more value. We are often asked if security systems add value to a home. The answer is, “yes”.  Let’s take a look at some…