Understanding Your Alarm System: Arm Stay vs. Arm Away

When you have a new alarm system installed, there are many features to learn and understand. To arm your security system, you have two options: Arm Stay or Arm Away. You may be wondering what the difference between these two modes is and why would you use each. Read on to learn more about the best uses for each function.


Stay Mode

If you are arming your alarm system while staying in the house, use Stay mode. When your alarm is in Stay mode only exterior zones such as doors, windows, and glass break detectors will arm. Interior zones like motion detectors will not trigger the alarm. For example, if you arm the alarm to Stay mode before you go to sleep and you get up in the middle of the night to go to the kitchen, the alarm will not go off when you pass the motion detector. However, if someone tries to enter your home through a door or window the alarm will set off. It is important to unarm your system before opening any doors or windows as the alarm immediately triggers when in Stay mode.

Away Mode

When you leave your house and no one else is in the home, use Away mode. All the zones in your house (interior and exterior) will arm including the door and window sensors as well as the motion detectors. When you set your alarm system to Away mode, there will be a short delay on your designated entry/exit door to allow you time to either exit your home after arming or to enter your home and punch in the passcode on your keypad.

Have Pets?

If you have pets, our motion detectors will not trigger the alarm when animals (up to 40 pounds) walk past. However, if your pet has a habit of jumping up on counters or sofa this could trigger the motion sensor while in Away mode. If your motion sensor is not in an area where your pets will trigger the alarm by jumping or walking past or if you keep your pet in a kennel, you should be able to use Away mode when you are away from home.


With home alarm monitoring from ABC Fire and Burglar Alarm, you can be at ease knowing your home is protected. If you are interested in installing a residential security system, contact us to schedule a free consultation.